Strategic Partnerships to Support our Communities

RDA partners with businesses to drive research, planning, capacity building, and evaluation to advance social investments.

What social responsibility challenges are you thinking about?

  • What are the most significant needs in our community and which ones make the most sense for us to support?

  • Are our policies and processes equitable?

  • How can partnerships help us expand our social impact?

  • What trends are happening in the workforce and economy that we should consider when prioritizing and strategizing?

  • What do we prioritize when everything seems like an immediate need?

  • What investment strategies will help us address local needs while growing our business?

  • How can we best message our social responsibility priorities and intentions to reach and engage our target markets?

  • What metrics should we use to inform future investments?

  • How do we evaluate the impact and ROI of our social investments?

  • Are we appropriately considering equity in our social responsibility investments?