The Importance of Managers

The Importance of Managers

April 3, 2015

patricia-bennett1By Patricia Marrone Bennett

Research tells us that the best way to promote staff retention, higher productivity and employee satisfaction is to ensure that people are engaged in their work. Did you know that 70% of employee performance is directly related to the manager? Many managers are promoted into managerial positions having done the work that they will now supervise and assume their new responsibilities with little or no formal training in management. While managers can be effective using a variety of styles and techniques, managers that demonstrate an interest in their employees, garner employees trust and arrange to have people use their natural talents each day have employees that are more engaged and more productive. Have you ever received training on how to engage your staff?

One Small Planet

It is impossible to look back over the events of the past year and not viscerally feel the interconnectedness between ourselves, our families, our communities, and the rest of the world. The struggles of other countries, even other states, that once felt like distant concerns confined to the evening news now take on a different meaning. The pandemic and its economic devastation; the urgent cries for racial justice; the ever-increasing threat of wildfires, hurricanes, and other climate-change-driven disasters: these challenges belong to all of us.

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Moving from Crisis to Chronic

Six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are still operating in crisis mode. We are exhausted, and the items we put on the shelf are starting to stack up. It’s time to revisit our triage plans, no matter how planful or ad hoc, and re-evaluate our priorities and resources.