Looking Beyond Perfection

A good leader believes in the potential of others and supports efforts to reach their goals. As we strive to meet those goals, we often stumble and make mistakes. This is true of every person at all levels of an organization.


Los Angeles Times Highlights RDA Probation Report

This morning’s Los Angeles Times featured an editorial underlining the importance of a recent report, released by RDA, that provides a thorough examination of the Los Angeles County Probation Department. The report, LA Probation Governance Study, which came before the County Board of Supervisors today, is the end result of RDA’s review and evaluation of the Probation Department’s organizational structure and the logistics of changing that structure.


Upcoming Conference in Oakland Focuses on How Research Can Improve Justice Policy and Practice

In just over six weeks, leaders in justice research from across California will be in Oakland to discuss the latest criminal justice research and new evidence-based practices. On March 22 and 23, the Association for Criminal Justice Research – California (ACJRCA) will host its semi-annual Spring Conference, Research to Improve Justice Policy & Practice.


Taking a Systems Perspective

People who depend on public services often have to interact with multiple systems and many different people who work in those systems. When public systems work together effectively, there is an opportunity to leverage resources and help ensure better outcomes for individuals and families.


A Framework for Ethical Decision-Making amid Limited Public Resources

Government agencies must consistently manage limited resources and competing stakeholder priorities. Given the high levels of need and the reliance that so many have on public services, managing resources can often require tough decisions. How do public systems make these decisions ethically without exacerbating needs among certain populations?


Happy New Year From RDA

The New Year encourages us to look back at the past year and reminisce about all we’ve done. I will break with that tradition and begin by telling you about what RDA is planning to do in 2018.


Navigating Organizational Change

We all know how hard it is for us human beings to change. Our brains are hardwired to experience change as a threat to which we automatically respond with a flight or fight response. So it should be no surprise that when we try and change the ways in which an organization operates, we often experience a negative reaction.


AEA Conference Highlights Importance of Equity in Evaluation

As a consulting firm that strives for improvement by promoting continuous learning with our clients, it is critical for us to walk the talk. Earlier this month, RDA had the opportunity to attend and present at the American Evaluation Association Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.


Happy Thanksgiving!

As Thanksgiving approaches, we wanted to take the time to sit back and think about the things for which we are thankful. We are thankful for the opportunity to work each day on projects that will have lasting impact on our public systems.


North Bay Recovery Highlights Importance of Housing, Safety Net

Now that the tragically destructive fires in Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino counties have been contained, the hard work of rebuilding will begin. At the forefront of this effort will be public workers from the cities and counties most affected.


Living Our Values During Uncertain Times

How we are able to communicate is often at the heart of how we can make change. For example, even the most thoroughly researched and well-documented recommendations for change do not implement themselves. People must implement change. Therefore, our work is to engage with people, including those that disagree with us.


Exploring Data Solutions to Enhance Adult Education

Over the past five years, adult education in California has experienced renewed public investment. The Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG) has led to the creation of regional consortia, which have allowed adult education agencies to partner and organize programs and services in a way that meets the specific needs of the region.


Using Risk Assessments Responsibly in Justice Systems

Across the country, justice system agencies and partners have embraced data-driven tools that predict an individual’s likelihood of committing a crime. To successfully implement these risk assessments—and ensure that these tools do not increase racial disparities within the justice system—agencies must establish a host of new processes…


Fresno Babies First Shows Benefits of Home Visiting Programs

Research has shown that home visiting programs can improve health outcomes for low-income mothers and their babies. Through these initiatives, public health nurses and health education assistants make home visits for pregnant women and new moms…


Creating Opportunities for Collaboration and Teamwork

One thing that I appreciate the most about working at RDA is the way that our work lends itself to teamwork and collaboration. Many of our projects focus on improving complex systems, and such endeavors could seem overwhelming if you had to go it alone.