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Impact of COVID-19 on Safety-Net Systems

California’s swift response to the COVID-19 Pandemic has so far “flattened  the curve” in terms of the rate of infection. While the healthcare systems may have been spared from an overwhelming number of sick people to care for, the social and economic impacts of the resulting shutdowns and social distancing measures to our public safety-net systems are staggering.


Being a Thought Partner

The commitment to address entrenched systemic problems forces us to look beyond what we have already learned. The complexity of our world requires that we seek out and continuously learn from the volume of research and experiential knowledge that exists.

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Utilizing Talents to Promote Employee Engagement

In the United States, 70% of the workforce is disengaged in their jobs. That frightening number comes from Gallup’s 50+ years of research and their annual poll of the American workforce.


Leadership is a Privilege

If you are a leader, you know that leadership is a privilege. Leaders lead by virtue of the willingness of others to place their trust and faith in them.


Policies and Legislation to Pay Attention To in 2019

The policy landscape is always evolving, presenting new challenges and opportunities to improve our public systems and the lives of the people they serve. We are building on our work from last year and are excited to be part of many new efforts and programs on the horizon. Here are some policies and legislation we think may have a big impact on our clients and the great work they do.


From Policy to Practice: Part 4 – Health

In 2018, many of our partners laid foundational plans for improving health care access and service to vulnerable members of their communities. Here is how we are supporting our partners in Napa and Del Norte Counties to address their local health needs.


From Policy to Practice: Part 3 – Justice

During 2018, many of our clients rolled up their sleeves to drive justice system policy and reform. Here is a look into our work with Los Angeles and Santa Cruz Counties to improve outcomes for justice-involved and justice-impacted people in their communities. Improving Outcomes for Justice-Impacted Youth in Los Angeles A Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention…


From Policy to Practice: Part 2 – Education & Workforce Development

In 2018, many of our clients committed to increase opportunity for vulnerable populations through innovative education and workforce programs. Here is a look into our work with Los Angeles Unified School District and Contra Costa County to secure funding and collaborate to make these programs possible.


From Policy to Practice: Part 1 – Behavioral Health

In 2018, many of our behavioral health agency clients took on the challenge to increase treatment access and quality among the most vulnerable and under-served members of their communities. Here is a look into work that helped position Contra Costa and Santa Clara Counties to accomplish their goals.


Realizing the Promise of Prop 47 Community Justice Reinvestment

Approved by California voters in November 2014, Proposition (Prop) 47 reclassified certain nonviolent, non-serious drug and property felonies to misdemeanors and generated millions of dollars in state savings.


RDA Welcomes David Onek as Justice Practice Director

Resource Development Associates is thrilled to welcome long-time criminal justice reformer David Onek as Justice Practice Director. A graduate of Stanford Law School and Brown University, David comes to RDA with extensive leadership experience in government and nonprofits.


The Best Behaviors of Leaders

At RDA, we stand committed to developing leadership from within the organization and insuring that leadership is shared to create what Craig Pierce describes as the “dynamic, interactive influence necessary to achieve organizational goals.”

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Changing Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is the embodied values, principles, and practices underlying the social fabric of a business, agency, or any organization. Culture permeates our actions and connects stakeholders to each other and to the organization’s purpose, people, and processes. Positive and high functioning organizational cultures promote caring, inclusiveness, trust, and effective communication among all team members and stakeholders.


A Civil Society

In 1996, I was fortunate to travel to the Czech Republic with a small group of professors and graduate students. We were guests of Charles University, which arranged for us to meet with a wide variety of NGOs and local government officials in our capacity as organizational development professionals. Only now do I begin to recognize the significance of what I was observing.


Measuring Justice System Effectiveness: Looking Beyond Recidivism

By Ardavan Davaran, Ph.D. Recidivism is considered by probation and parole systems to be the primary measure of their own effectiveness, as well as the effectiveness of reentry services, which can include services such as mental health, substance use, employment, education, and housing, among others. However, justice reform scholars and reformists Jeffrey A. Butts and…