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The Explosion of Telemedicine – Will it Last?

Shelter-in-place and social distancing mandates to limit the spread of COVID-19 have rapidly shifted telehealth from an underutilized health care option to an absolute necessity. The ability to provide and receive care from home limits the spread of the virus and the burden placed on emergency departments and urgent care centers. Health systems, care providers, insurers, and legislators are continuing to work to expand the accessibility, capacity, and affordability of telemedicine.


California’s Juvenile Justice System Realignment: Key Considerations for Implementation

The 2020-2021 California State Budget will realign the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), transitioning responsibility to local jurisdictions for youth sentenced to DJJ facilities. While details of the realignment are still to be determined, this change represents a major shift in California’s juvenile justice system.


Message from our CEO: This is an Opportunity to Connect the Dots

Police departments are not the only problematic aspect of our public safety system that must be reformed; racism and discrimination permeate our entire correctional system.

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Two Success Stories: Pivoting to Virtual Data Collection and Stakeholder Engagement

Thoughtful and intentional planning is at the heart of any successful project. So what happens when the way in which we work changes so drastically that we cannot recognize the possible path ahead? Like organizations across the world who are reacting and pivoting in response to COVID-19, RDA recognizes that flexibility and innovation have never been more critical and the importance and necessity of pushing work ahead even when it seems impossible to do so. By working with our partners to adapt and develop strategies to improve systems, collect quality data, and implement sustainable systems change, RDA is helping our clients focus on advancing critical work even in these very challenging times.

Why We May Not Be Our Best Right Now: Effects of Crisis and Isolation on Mental Health

Although we are sharing this experience of a global public health crisis, our individual responses, both strategic and psychological, will vary greatly. It can be easy to forget that, during crisis and isolation, we aren’t all coming from the same place, we aren’t all going to react the same way, and some will handle it betters than others.

Disaster-Driven Innovation

The sheer scale of the COVID-19 pandemic is upending our systems and assumptions. This disruption is forcing change, and in some cases, the opportunity to rapidly implement ideas that have been on our minds for many years.


Strategic Collaboration to Support California’s Vulnerable Adults

Creative initiatives and strategic partnerships are emerging at the community, city, state, and federal levels to meet the needs of those who are among those most vulnerable to the virus and the detrimental health impacts stemming from social isolation.

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Are the Right People at the Table?

“Systems change” is an intentional process of transformation designed to address historic and complex root causes of social problems. Systems change aims to fundamentally alter the reasons a system behaves in certain ways. For true system transformation to occur, those involved in the system must feel that their experiences and perspectives are listened to, valued, and utilized to promote change.

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Impact of COVID-19 on Safety-Net Systems

California’s swift response to the COVID-19 Pandemic has so far “flattened  the curve” in terms of the rate of infection. While the healthcare systems may have been spared from an overwhelming number of sick people to care for, the social and economic impacts of the resulting shutdowns and social distancing measures to our public safety-net systems are staggering.


Being a Thought Partner

The commitment to address entrenched systemic problems forces us to look beyond what we have already learned. The complexity of our world requires that we seek out and continuously learn from the volume of research and experiential knowledge that exists.

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Utilizing Talents to Promote Employee Engagement

In the United States, 70% of the workforce is disengaged in their jobs. That frightening number comes from Gallup’s 50+ years of research and their annual poll of the American workforce.


Leadership is a Privilege

If you are a leader, you know that leadership is a privilege. Leaders lead by virtue of the willingness of others to place their trust and faith in them.


Policies and Legislation to Pay Attention To in 2019

The policy landscape is always evolving, presenting new challenges and opportunities to improve our public systems and the lives of the people they serve. We are building on our work from last year and are excited to be part of many new efforts and programs on the horizon. Here are some policies and legislation we think may have a big impact on our clients and the great work they do.


From Policy to Practice: Part 4 – Health

In 2018, many of our partners laid foundational plans for improving health care access and service to vulnerable members of their communities. Here is how we are supporting our partners in Napa and Del Norte Counties to address their local health needs.


From Policy to Practice: Part 3 – Justice

During 2018, many of our clients rolled up their sleeves to drive justice system policy and reform. Here is a look into our work with Los Angeles and Santa Cruz Counties to improve outcomes for justice-involved and justice-impacted people in their communities. Improving Outcomes for Justice-Impacted Youth in Los Angeles A Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention…